Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

A bit late in saying it, but meant all the same! I am excited for this year. It is wide open to so many possibilities. And I welcome the failures along with the successful moments. Hoping I will learn a great deal from them.

December, up till now finds me doing a lot of reading, research and learning in all aspects of photography. Some, it is a new perspective, others it is a refresher. And I am enjoying it! Taking my time, not only to build a business, but establish a firm foundation as to why I wanted to build one.

What started as a simple love for capturing moments, has turned into, dare I say, obsession with all things photography and editing related. I am simply enamored with the process.

I hope you too, can find something "new" this year, not only to celebrate, but enjoy learning about.


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