Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miracle League|Ventura photographer

One the greatest joys is being a part of the Miracle League.  While Ventura First Assembly is working to build a Miracle League field, we have been having Practice and Play days at Ventura College, thanks to Coach Magdelano and his players.   VFA website for Miracle League for more information.

However, I bet these photos will speak louder than words...

my son helping out...

safe at home, right into his dad's arms

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  1. Hey, Staci! Found your beautiful work via Rita's blog. She is amazing!!

    I love these photos. We have a Miracle League here in town as well. I work with some of the kids who play...they are awesome!

    Looked at your wedding pics too--simply beautiful! I am shooting my first outdoor wedding next week and would love to ask you a couple of questions if you have a minute!!If not, that's fine.