Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A week of Great Photography info!!!

This week has been set aside for studying.  Studying for the certification exam (which reminds me...I have got to get Ch. 4 done by this weekend!), to reading blogs such as MCP Actions and Photography tips.  Today's topic is all about portfolio building.  One thing I have experienced in this photography community is the tremendous ability to share and network with each other.  I typically will jump to the 2peas message board and share the latest thing I have found...and it never occured to me, to share that here as well.  Yet, when I decided to create a blog, one of my goals was to post occasionally to share my photographic journey.

I plan on correcting that oversite, and start sharing the latest, greatest tid-bits of information I come across here, first!  I have a page (see 'favorites' above) just for listing some of my favorites places online, and have now started to include buttons (see below) so you can jump there quickly and find out for yourself!

And hopefully, just maybe I will learn to enjoy writing!  Because in all honesty...I would rather just TELL you and not have to write it.


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