Monday, February 7, 2011

JOY of LOVE|Generations

My son has loved baseball ever since he was able to put a glove on and pick up a bat, albeit a plastic one.  He would run the bases {meaning a path around the family room} as we watched games on tv and I was amazed when he slid, he never rammed into the entertainment center {that's is where home plate was, apparently}. 

However, he had to be 5 to play T-ball, last year was his first year to play.  He was very excited, more so when his 'Poppy' {grandpa} and his daddy agreed to be his coach.  Our family grew up playing sports, my dad coached my brother's little league to now have him coach my son, brings back memories of snack bar duty, cold games huddled with blankets...

We still work the snack bar, but now it is donuts on early Saturday game days, and bubble gum and suckers after afternoon ones.  I know my mom never let us have THAT when we were kids.  LOL!!!!

Little league has started again, this is what it is all about...


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