Saturday, February 5, 2011

Willette's JOY OF LOVE|Ventura Photographer

This month I joined a monthly challenge JOY OF LOVE from Kelly Willette Designs.  I admit, I joined in a few days late and am now catching up on 5 days!  Here is the first...

Day 1|What They Do
My son and his LOVE for playing with Legos.  Besides the basics of life, this IS what he does.

Day 2|How They Look
Capturing true expressions.  Yep, pretty sure that is what we have here!

Day 3|Then and Now
I had a rough idea of how I wanted to photograph this one.  When I met my husband, he was ALL cowboy, starched Wranglers, shirts and a wide variety of hats and boots.  Over 10 years, clothing style has definitely seen some changes!  I shared with him what I wanted to do, and he came up with this idea himself.

Day 4|What They Wear
This is definitely one of my favorites!  I knew right away what this one would be.  My son has fallen in 'love' with Converse.  I have always thought they the ugliest, if not most uncomfortable shoes!  He has out worn several pair, and now has them in black and bright yellow (his most favorite color).  And because he has them, he pestered us to all match.  So, we do.  I must say, I actually really like them now!
 Day 5|Love to Hate
All caught up!  {whew}  I love my husband dearly.  Messes, not so much.  Actually both of them tend to leave them wherever they go...

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  1. Welcome! Great photos! I love the "how they look" collage! Very cute expressions! Your idea for "then and now" is awesome! My hubby leaves a disastrous mess wherever he goes! :)