Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY Project!

One of the things that defines my relationship with my husband, is our love for projects.  And as we worked on this one, I was reminded of how many we have actually done!  He built a hall tree completely from looking at our existing one, he built a bench from head/foot boards, we re-finished a dining room table, chairs, and cabinet.  He builds, I paint.
One of the very few items not from a garage sale or thrift store is our bedroom furniture.  And of course, it is a matching set!  Having been inspired by the Nate Berkus Show, instead of purchasing new furniture, we re-painted!  My husband chose the color scheme, and over a period of weeks, we worked out what we wanted to, having this long weekend presented us with the opportunity to go to town!!  I must say, this was the most fun we have had in our projects!
May it inspire you to re-create, re-arrange, whatever you can do with what you already have.

**Mouse over this image to see the transformation!**

Our matching night stands!

Easily transformed with some spray paint and new hardware

And...the matching dresser...

Becomes our most favorite piece!!!

Not so matchy-matchy now is it!!!