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Friday, May 2, 2014


Those that know me will not be shocked by what I am about to say.  I am NOT a morning person.  At all.   But this morning I was out of the house before 7AM, before getting dressed, yes I drove in my jammies!  Because around 6:30 was the constant hum of a helicopter near by, and when we went outside, what smoke!! Thinking my son and I, that we would just go drive to an more open spot to get a visual of where it was coming from, we just got in the car and left.  Well, it was literally just down the road, so we drove past it, came home, got dressed, him a bowl of cereal, being it was, after all a school day and camera and phone in hand back out we went!  Parked across the street from it and watched Ventura Fire Department, and the Sheriff Dept. Helicopter fight this blaze.   And after an amazing field trip with the same Dept. a few months back at their training center, to see it live, in action, away from danger!  was really a lot of fun and well, worth getting out of bed before 7AM.  But don't tell my friends I really said that.  {smirk}

Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY! Kitchen Aide Mixer Updo!

I have had my eye on this beauty for a long time...Kitchen Aide Artisan  but when you have one that works very well, just is not a color you like, $400 seems even more expensive.  The overly practical side of me will never buy it.  Then I heard you can spray paint them!   I searched on Pinterest and found a few blogs, read up on how to do this and being I have spray painted many items around my house, I figured $4 for a can of spray paint  vs. $400?  YES please!  (Personally, if you have never spray painted an item before, I would not make this the item you do.   It is easy, but I would recommend spray a much less expensive item first)

While the blogs I read say to use Appliance spray paint, they are the same, sorry!  but boring colors.  I wanted color!  So I called Home Depot, my go to store for all spray paint.  Love you Lowe's for everything else, but your spray paint department is sad.   I was told that as long as you sand it, which I was going to anyway, and prime it, which I was going to anyway, then spray it whatever color you like!   I was SO excited!!

I was not able to find the exact color of the one I had my eye on, but I did find a fun color.  And I figure, if I don't like it, then sand it down, and repaint it again.

Take the mixer apart, the back comes off, and so does the band around the top

I am still amazed at how dirty it was under the band!   You would think I don't clean my mixer!

Remove the plate

Yet another part I was perplexed as to how it gets so dirty

Clean with a cloth and toothbrush

I make my own cleaner out of a lemon/rosemary vinegar concentrate.  It works great!

Use painters tape to cover anything you do not want painted.  Make sure the edges seal.  I covered the cord and electrical parts with a plastic bag, and used rubber bands to seal the bag around those parts, then used painter's tape

Sand it and wipe it down getting ALL dust off and off the surrounding area.  This is where I also use our lawn blower!

Prime it!

Cover the bottom half to spray the top, and then cover the top to spray the bottom so over spray does not affect finish.  This is where practice spraying comes in handy.  You get a feel for how to apply, using short, quick strokes and not try to cover it all in one application.  As you can see here, there is some white showing.  

After several coats (lightly applied)

So, I wonder if you can get a glass replacement bowl for any model?   Hmmmm....

*AMANDA 2014*

I have the privilege of being able to say I have known this young lady all her life.   She has grown into a beautiful woman, her character and selfless nature is an inspiration and expression of her upbringing.