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Friday, May 2, 2014


Those that know me will not be shocked by what I am about to say.  I am NOT a morning person.  At all.   But this morning I was out of the house before 7AM, before getting dressed, yes I drove in my jammies!  Because around 6:30 was the constant hum of a helicopter near by, and when we went outside, what smoke!! Thinking my son and I, that we would just go drive to an more open spot to get a visual of where it was coming from, we just got in the car and left.  Well, it was literally just down the road, so we drove past it, came home, got dressed, him a bowl of cereal, being it was, after all a school day and camera and phone in hand back out we went!  Parked across the street from it and watched Ventura Fire Department, and the Sheriff Dept. Helicopter fight this blaze.   And after an amazing field trip with the same Dept. a few months back at their training center, to see it live, in action, away from danger!  was really a lot of fun and well, worth getting out of bed before 7AM.  But don't tell my friends I really said that.  {smirk}